We’ve been advised to use caution wherever we go lately amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, we’re now seeing that the roads have become another place to use caution when we leave our homes.

Reports by the National Safety Council have shown that the number of Georgia roadway fatalities has increased by 4.5% despite less traffic on our highways and streets. Speeding and other reckless driving habits have alarmed police and road safety groups as there are less vehicles on the road.

“Disturbingly, we have open lanes of traffic and an apparent open season on reckless driving,” said Lorraine M. Martin, CEO of the National Safety Council.

Stay-at-home orders and city curfews are beginning to be lifted, and citizens will soon be driving on the roads with these reckless drivers. The National Safety Council conducted research that has reflected these trends and has urged citizens to travel safely by slowing down, wearing seat belts, and being aware of those driving around them.

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