August has arrived and Henry County Schools and many other schools on the Southside of Atlanta are back in full swing! Summer was fun but now it is time to start packing those book bags and lunchboxes and getting your kids back to reading books, taking tests, and getting to class before the tardy bell rings. The first month of school is always a hectic time as we all adjust to a new schedule. You are not alone, if you feel rushed and pressed for time in the mornings and find yourself a little on the impatient side. Traffic congestion is inevitable and red lights suddenly seem to take 10x longer, and no one wants to be stuck behind the school bus, but it happens and you need to keep these tips in mind, even when you are running late. The safety of our children from incurring preventable injuries depends on it. Drivers should slow down and pay close attention to their surroundings in not only school zones but neighborhoods as well, both in the morning time and in the afternoon when school gets out. In addition to this, please be mindful during drop off and pick up times in the school parking lot. According to the National Safe Routes to School program, ?more children are hit by cars near school than at any of location.? Parents should never double park in the line, as this can limit the sight of others, or unload children across the street from the school in attempt to avoid waiting in the line. Drivers should not pass any vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians. It is the law to yield to pedestrians as they walk through the crosswalk or intersection and drivers should not ever block the crosswalk when in a line of traffic. Drivers should be mindful when driving their vehicles to keep a decent following distance when they find themselves driving behind a school bus. When the bus is about to stop, yellow lights will begin blinking and drivers need to apply the brakes accordingly. Be aware that it is illegal to pass a stopped school, this includes from behind the bus or in front of the bus coming from the opposite direction on an undivided road. This law is in affect to protect the children of our community from harm. According to the National Safety council, most of the children that lose their lives to bus-related incidents are between the ages of four and seven and they are struck while walking. Always be alert! It is common to see more bicyclists on the road during the school season, so this should be kept in mind as well. An individual on a bicycle can be difficult to see and many drivers have causes significant injury to bicyclists by turning left in front of them. If the bicyclist is a child, they may not be able to assess the traffic conditions well and drivers should consider this by always checking their side mirrors and watching closely in residential areas and school zones. If it is necessary to pass the bicyclist, the driver should do so by leaving at least 3 feet between their vehicle and the person riding the bike. These tips may all seem like simple things right now, but remember that the next time you are running late and your impatience is getting the best of you! Stay safe and alert at all times both for the safety of yourself and the safety of others! If you or a loved one has sustained an injury in an auto accident make sure to call experienced personal injury attorney John Webb today at 770-389-4864 or email him at jwebb@smithwelchlaw.com.

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