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Every American citizen is guaranteed a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our expert civil rights attorneys located just south of Atlanta in Henry County, Georgia help victims whose rights to personal liberty and freedom have been violated. This includes your right to:
  • Protection from Racial Profiling, such as racially selective law enforcement
  • Freedom from excessive force, including protection from police brutality, false imprisonment and the unreasonable use of deadly force
  • Privacy, including unreasonable search and seizures at home or at work, and protection from public disclosure of your private information that unfairly damages your reputation or your career
  • Freedom of speech, including protection from the government when it punishes or wrongfully terminates employees who speak out on matters of public concern
If your civil rights have been violated by another person, or the government, you may have the right to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries or other damages incurred as a direct result. Civil rights can be a complicated area of law, and our experienced attorneys provide a free consultation service to determine whether your claim fulfills the requirements necessary to qualify as a civil rights case. After the initial consultation, victims of civil rights violations can be assured that our experienced team of attorneys will immediately begin strategizing how to obtain justice and rightful compensation on their behalf.


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