A normal afternoon walk around a neighborhood cul-de-sac turned deadly in a matter of seconds for a 15 year-old Georgia girl who was suddenly attacked and mauled by a neighbor’s pitbulls without provocation while walking through her neighborhood.

The scene appeared straight out of a horror movie as two pitbulls had the young girl by her neck and head. Upon arriving, one dog advanced toward an officer and was shot causing the other dog to release the girl and retreat. The damage to the girl was severe and will likely be permanent. Her voice, hair, and nerves have been badly damaged.

As further details of this case come to light, it is clear that the pitbulls had given some indication to the owner that they were dangerous in the past. Georgia law allows indications of a possible dangerous dog to come from previous actions of unprovoked biting, snarling, snipping, or aggressive behavior that indicates the dog may be a threat. Georgia dog owners can be liable for injuries received from aggressive dogs if the owner knowingly harbors a dog exhibiting this type of behavior.

The neighbor is also at fault for failing to properly restrain the animals in the house, on a leash, or in a fence to prevent this type of incident from happening.

This young girl and her family are entitled to compensation for the injuries, including the scarring, physical disfigurements, medical costs, emotional distress, and psychological damage caused by this attack. The negligence of the dog owner has changed the life of this young girl and her family.

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