New statistics from the Georgia Department of Transportation show that traffic fatalities in Georgia have increased despite less people traveling on the road.

Motorists across the state have returned to the roads as cities and businesses have reopened following shut-downs due to the pandemic. Still, Georgia highway traffic volume is below normal compared to pre-pandemic levels. It was reported that roadway fatalities are above the state average when compared to this time last year.

The National Safety Council reported similar statistics that Georgia highway fatalities have risen by 4.5% this year, and attributed these behaviors to open roads during the pandemic. Drivers are more inclined to speed, ignore traffic lights and signs, and even race when there are less people traveling on the roads. Even though more motorists have returned to traveling, reckless drivers are still endangering others.

We urge those on the road to wear seat belts, be aware of others driving, and especially, to slow down. Speeding in congested areas such as construction sites, accident scenes, and rush-hour can quickly turn deadly.

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