Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been reported that the level of traffic this holiday season may increase. According to the Holiday Confidence Report, 39% of people said they plan on traveling this holiday season. The span from Thanksgiving to New Years is known as one of the most dangerous times on roadways because of the increased holiday traffic. 

Georgia has already had an increase in holiday traffic fatalities since Thanksgiving. According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, there were 24 traffic fatalities compared to last year’s number of 12 in the days surrounding Thanksgiving. It was also reported that state troopers investigated 604 traffic crashes that resulted in 317 injuries.

These accidents can be caused by many different reasons as thousands of Georgians will get behind the wheel for Christmas and New Years. High volume traffic can quickly become deadly as road hazards, distracted drivers, and impaired drivers will be on the roadways. Paying attention on unfamiliar or packed highways can help drivers avoid accidents. During Thanksgiving, citations were given out for 940 seat belt, 217 child restraint, 6,509 speeding and 619 distracted driving violations. Some safe practices for keeping attention on the road are:


  • Have someone help with navigation so drivers are not distracted by their phones
  • Be aware of speed limits and road signs
  • Get plenty of rest when traveling for long periods of time
  • Properly restrain children and keep them calmly preoccupied


The holiday season also shows an increase in DUIs and crashes caused by intoxicated drivers leaving holiday parties. 

Many are eager to socialize and visit family as the pandemic restricted interactions this year. There are predictions that DUIs could be at an all time high this New Years in celebration of the end of a challenging year. Georgia state patrol and all officers warn travelers of their safety and anticipate more calls to roadway accidents. Lt. Scott Redmon of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office reported “We expect people to be attending more parties and functions where there is alcohol. We are going to be more aware and we are going to attempt to staff heavier for this months, especially on the weekends, to look out for impaired drivers. The life you save might be your own.”

We encourage all Georgians to make safe travel plans if they drive in any capacity. Reduce all distractions and pay attention when behind the wheel and arrange a way to get home if you are drinking. If you or a loved one is injured while traveling this holiday season, our expert personal injury attorneys at Southside will take every step to get the full compensation that is deserved. We’ll be available all season long, call us at 844-810-4357 to discuss your accident.

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