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Commerical trucks such as 18 wheelers or tractor trailers can inflict serious damage to those on the road if they are driven carelessly. Truck accidents can be complex in determining whether the driver, company, or numerous parties are at fault. You can trust our team of truck accident lawyers at Southside to thoroughly investigate and determine the liability of others to get you the compensation you deserve.

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How our truck accident lawyers can help

Our team of personal injury attorneys have the experience and professionalism to tackle complex truck accident cases. We have fought against truck companies with skilled teams of lawyers and successfully won our clients the compensation they deserve. Our investigative process ensures that our clients are served and compensated for every damage, loss, and expense in their case.

Truck accident verdict recovered for a client

Things to remember in a truck accident in Georgia

  • You are entitled to compensation even if you are partially at fault
  • Your compensation will be determined by the percentage you were at fault (<50% at fault)
  • You will not recieve compensation until your case is resolved
  • Numerous parties can be responsible for the crash outside of the truck driver

Seek medical attention if you or any other person involved has been injured.

Notify the police of the incident. Then, contact a Southside truck accident lawyer as soon as you can for proper guidance and investigation to begin.

Gather as much information as you can from witnesses and others involved in the crash. Take photos and notes of the scene. Refrain from speaking to the insurance adjuster of the truck driver or company.

Truck Accident Statistics

crashes that resulted in fatalities or injuries

Fatal crashes involved two vehicles

Fatalities that were not occupants of the truck




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