The unfortunate reality is that not all motorists on the road are insured. According to a previous report from the Insurance Information Institute, nearly 12% of Georgia drivers are on the road without insurance. Uninsured drivers cause millions of dollars in damages every year, and surprisingly can make others have to pay the damages they caused. If you’re ever hit by an uninsured driver, it’s important you work with a personal injury attorney who can help you navigate these complex cases and ensure a fair outcome

Understanding Georgia law when it comes to uninsured drivers will help you know what to expect if you are ever told an uninsured driver cannot pay for your damages. Operating a vehicle without proper insurance is illegal in Georgia, but that does not guarantee a victim’s damages will be paid for.

Georgia law protects your right to file a personal injury claim against a driver liable for the wreck and damages even if they are not insured. The damages will then be ordered to be paid from the negligent driver’s assets, however uninsured drivers typically do not have sufficient assets to pay for the damages they cause. This means your insurance company or even you may have to pay out of pocket to cover damages caused by the negligence of someone else.

Some drivers may be able to turn to their insurance company in these cases, but Georgia drivers must have car insurance policies that include uninsured drivers coverage to file a claim in this case. Even if you do have this coverage, you’re still not guaranteed just and fair payment as your insurance company can become an adverse party.

There are specifications of uninsured driver’s coverage in insurance policies, such as add-on coverage or difference-in-limits coverage. Another type of coverage that may be offered in your insurance policy is medical payments coverage. This coverage applies to all occupants of the vehicle no matter who was at fault, though it has a limit.

Your total damages after a wreck with an uninsured driver can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills, time off from work, and pain and suffering. Even if you manage to receive some money from the negligent driver and your insurance company, you could still be left with damages that must be paid out of pocket.

Victims still have options when faced with these damages, and a personal injury attorney can help you figure out the best actions to take depending on your circumstances. Contact an experienced Southside Injury Attorney at 844-810-4375 to discuss your options if you are ever injured by an uninsured driver.

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